a disposable camera project

supported by UVa Independent Student Art Project Fund



For this long-term project, I left several disposable cameras in common areas and at events around Charlottesville, VA for a few hours at a time during popular events, or in well-populated areas. They were be labeled with instructions to pick them up, snap a photo or two, and then leave the camera for the next passers-by. Because photography increasingly stands in for, or augments our memories of events and places, this project attempted to create a collective memory: private perspectives of a public event compiled to form a snapshot of our lives. With the creation and increasing influence of digital space, one of the most important questions to ask is: what is this communal arena doing to create a common human identity and what else can be done to create this sense of shared experience and memory? Each photo represents a different Charlottesville story, but they come together to create a diverse, yet universal snapshot of our community.